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February 07, 2014


Is the US edition from Amazon the same as the UK one or is it the "edited" version? I see it's available on Amazon (for Kindle, though, which I don't use). I also see the US edition of the hardcover book is offered for sale on Amazon; has it not gone out of print? I'd also love to hear more about the differences in the editions.

Congratulations on the republication and on your first Yarnstorm Press publication. I treasure my copy of this book, which I continue to find inspiring and cheering, and I will definitely be buying an electronic back-up so that I can have domesticity ever at my fingertips. I also find it surprising that the original publisher neglected to reprint it and really admire you for independently getting it back out there. Great work.

I am so glad that I am not the only one who feels that English bloggers/writers should not quite so patronising in their eternal "translations" for the US Readers.

I love this book! I've had it for several years and still pick it up on a regular basis to flip through the pages and read certain passages. Always inspiring :)

There is only one version of the e-book no matter where you buy it, and this is the original UK edition which was published in the UK in 2007.

It is not the US version (which actually only altered some of the English phrases and vocabulary) and there won't be a US e-book. So even if you buy The Gentle Art of Domesticity in the US eg from Amazon.com or the Apple iTunes store, it will be the original, 2007 English edition.

I do know there are a few hard copies around of the US edition with the different cover, but in fact this book, like the printed UK edition with the heart cover, is out of print. I now own the rights to the book.

Fantastic initiative Jane, congratulations !

This is good news and well done. I have been wanting to read your book for a long time. I have just purchased the e-book and I can't wait to get home to find some quiet time in a corner...

What about the possibility, some day, of working with a print-on-demand publisher for those who might want a paper, rather than virtual, copy? There are some who don't own or don't care for e-readers, or who don't want to be tied to their laptop for reading a book.

I know here in the US there are a number of print-on-demand services, often for academic works that have limited markets.

Congratulations to you! I discovered your lovely book at my local library a couple of years ago, and was disappointed to learn that it was out of print. However, I don't use an e-reader; do you foresee making the book available for purchase in .pdf format at some point?

Really pleased it is available on iBooks as well!

To buy the book with Amazon's 'One Click' option was a real pleasure. I did it even before getting to the end of your blog entry!


I hate and despise e-readers, so I'm glad my local library has a copy I can read whenever I want. But being the daughter of a retired publisher, I can fully sympathize with the problems of reissuing it in print. And I'm very glad you didn't do this nonsense of an "American" version. I hate picking up a British book only to find it's been Americanized. But then, I'm Canadian so maybe I'm biased.

Congratulations. No need to go gently with this new venture, though Domestic Gusto might not have sold so well...

thank you! I've been looking frantically for the previous version. Now I'm glad that by reading your blog I find out more about your wonderful world of gentleness!!

Thanks, Jane! I am excited to have the opportunity to purchase the digitial UK edition! xx

I am so happy to have an original version of the book, hard cover and all, and have read it twice already and will probably make it my annual summer read again this summer.

As soon as I found your book in a Midlands bookshop, I couldn't resist it and really felt connected to you as an author - leading me to your blog and from there to sp many other cool places on the net :).
In this digitalised age, I will also not be able to resist buying the ebook format, too, for handy reference...
Why or how anyone would Americanise this is beyond me, as a lot of its charm is your Britishness!!

Anyway, congratulations on the e-publishing of a classic under your very own steam!!

I got this book in Past Times years ago with the aim of giving it to a friend for her birthday, but our car broke down on the way to hers in Brighton and we had to be towed back to Sheffield. So I kept it. And I am so glad I did, I love every page.

Congratulations on your own Press. What a lovely thing to own! And I am very pleased to now own a copy of the Gentle Art after downloading today. Very much looking forward to reading it.

Does your book contain a recipe for the pink heartshaped dessert on the front cover?

it gets right up my nose when publishers americanise a british author. it spoils the flavor of a book. i'm perfectly capable of figuring out that pushchair = stroller and flask = thermos.

This is wonderful news. How exciting!

Hello Jane,
I can only find Vintage Cakes on Kobo, not The gentle Art of Domesticity. Is the Kobo digital link to come later?
Regards, Keriann.

Congratulations! It sounds amazing!

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