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February 27, 2014


Darn It and Stitch is a real gem - friendly service and lovely stuff to look at and buy. Not to be missed if you're in Oxford. I have been frequenting it since the beginning. Well done Jane for bringing it to people's attention!

What a fantastic way to display something that is usually so overlooked x Jane

Oh that is lovely and reminds me of my childhood: haberdashery supplies in dark wooden pigeonholes. A treasure trove! Penroses, the last store to have a 'proper' (as in extensive) haberdashery department in my hometown, lasted through to the 80s and had stock in purpose-built wooden niches like this and wood framed glass-fronted drawers and display cases for items like sequins, motifs and lace collars. Most exciting was the vacuum tube system which took your money and which sent back the change. The women at the counters were experts in haberdashery; you couldn't actually touch the stock until they pulled out the appropriate drawer for you to pore over and make your choice. Those who handled money and could do the maths to give change were hidden somewhere upstairs at the end of the tube system. Sadly the store was turned into a Starbucks!

I, too, remember the haberdashery supplies that used to be found in all the larger department stores on Oxford Street. They were like treasure troves to me as a youngster. But I must say the subject of different meanings for the same (or nearly the same words in UK vs US) brings to mind a story my British mother used to tell me. In the late 1940's she was living in the US and looking for nappies (known as diapers in US). She went to a department store and asked where she could find them and was shown a display of napkins. Outraged, she said, "I don't need serviettes, I need nappies!"

Oh that is my local shop, I wish I had known you were here, we could have shared fabric/haberdashery/book/tea shop recommendations.
I hope you enjoyed lovely Oxford :-)

While visiting London last year I was certainly taken aback by the Liberty of London Store and John Lewis. Such magnificent Emporiums--all kinds of fabrics, haberdasheries and just good stuff!!

I thought I recognised the picture, I'm an Oxford person too, a great shop with some great stock.

Oh I love this shop! I have bought some vintage trim bundles. The bicycle outside is fabulous!

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