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February 14, 2014


Raspberry lemon cupcakes for me! Thanks for the chance!

Happy Valentine's Day Jane,

I know from reading your lovely blog and the wonderful "Gentle Arts" what a special time this is for you. I have just returned home to a cup of tea and patisserie -style almond slice with my lovely man after spending a romantic wander around the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow, London. Love your cake by the way.

We love Nigel Slater's very yummy chocolate brownies for all occasions in our house.

What lovely cakes. My husband allways requests the coffee cake recipe from the first great british bake off book for any celebration. He has had a really rough 10 days at work, so there is one in the oven now. I now have a baking assistant my 23 month old, wonder if she will turn into a caker baker/ decorator extrordinare like Phoebe.

Orange cake with orange buttercream frosting. That's what my mom made for my birthday every year.

Chocolate sin cake

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is tradition with my birthday.

Just made a Carrot and Orange Cake for my family in the shape of a heart :) A very Happy Birthday to Tom and Alice!! Love, Vicki

Happy Valentine's Day. Carrot cake is my favorite. Best wishes on your e-book adventure.

A recipe my family got from Celia, a neighbour from Uruguay, when I was little: two layers of white cake, moistened with canned peaches syrup, with unsweetened whipped cream in the middle and on top and peach slices as decoration. Oh, the childhood memories!
Would love a copy of the e-book. Thanks for the giveaway and happy birthday to your twins!

Black forest cake! Specifically the one from the local bakery of the little town where I grew up, never found elsewhere...

My favorite birthday cake is made with love by my Mom.

[email protected]

My favourite is Victoria sandwich with a butter cream and Jelly Tot topping. Scrumptious!

Yes please! Would be absolutely thrilled to recieve on of the vouchers! Happy Valentine's/birthday!My favourite cake is old fashioned chocolate cake (a Nigella recipe) that I made for a colleagues birthday only yesterday. Yummy!

Ooh, I made a yummy cake today too, our house favourite- vanilla sponge, filled and topped with salted caramel sauce and chocolate frosting! Xxx

A simple Victoria sandwich for me!

I think that Phoebe will understand our four year old granddaughter's request for double chocolate cake with purple icing and sweeties not sprinkles on the top!

Chocolate orange marble cake has fond childhood birthday memories for me.

Pineapple upside down cake!

Normally, I'd say anything chocolate, with more chocolate on top, but the glut of choccies around Valentine's always makes me want white cake with light fluffy icing and maybe a fruit filling this time of year.

I just made Queen Cakes last night in honor of today. My new favorite!! They are perfection! Since I received your Vintage Cake book for Christmas I have been working my way through it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's not a cake but I always have mud pie for my birthday dessert.

Pineapple upside-down cake!

It has to be Red Velvet Cake, from the Hummingbird Bakery in London. Just made for love!

Happy Valentine's Day.

Flourless chocolate cake with ganache and some raspberries on top.

I saw that a commenter mentioned Black Forest gateau above. I haven't had this for many years, well decades. So that would be my favourite inner as long as it was generous with fat dark cherries, but for outers I don't think I have seen anything prettier than Alice's cake above. Happy 21 years to all of you, especially to Alice and Tom, and also to you for being parents for all that time and Pheobe for being a sister.

I love a good vanilla cake with milk chocolate frosting...Sprinkles are a must

Always chocolate, with chocolate ganache and salted caramel, or perhaps a really good carrot cake!
Thank you for your beautiful books, blog and general inspiration.

Birthdays have to have marble cake with at least 6 colours swirled up inside - the madder the better. One year my mum ran out of icing sugar for the icing so used caster sugar instead - gritty but I still loved it.

It has to be lemon drizzle cake

A chocolate Victoria sponge,happy Valentine & good luck with your new press

I love a chocolate and nut torte with raspberry couli. divine.

Have you ever made chocolate and lemon cake? Put the zest of a lemon into a Cadbury's Bourneville chocolate-mix, saving the juice for the icing. Knife-squiggle across the icing from top to bottom, then draw straight lines down in one direction (what is the name for this pattern?) This was the only cake my brother and I ever wanted for birthdays for decades. I made it for my four children for a decade or two. Chocolate Lemon Squiggle Cake. If you make it, I expect royalties.

Ooh, I love a flourless chocolate cake!

I am really just partial to cake, any kind without fruit. but I will admit to really liking vanilla batter with confetti-colored sprinkles baked in :)

Carrot cake is my favourite. One of your 5 a day and a yummy cake too.

A lemon drizzle, a classic Victoria sponge with homemade raspberry jam, upside down peach cake; any of these would do me very well.
[email protected]

Malt chocolate cake with malteasers on top, but to be honest, if its got a candle I'm it, I'm up for a slice.

I too love a chocolate cake with ganache or even a fudge icing like my Mum used to make. Or a Victoria sponge with fresh cream and strawberry or raspberry jam. So many good cake recipes to choose from though, I'm so glad there's been a baking revival! And I love Phoebe's unrestrained decorating style which obviously appeals to the glutton in me - cake and chocolate buttons all at the same time? Oh yes, I think so...

Has to be chocolate Guinness cake with oodles of cream cheese frosting....I feel sorry for all the other chocolate cakes that just aren't quite as deep and damp and dark

Chocolate cheesecake!

As I already have a hard copy of the Gentle Art of Domesticity, I will not enter the draw but wish to tell you that I am a fan, and have been since Yarnstorm.

Take care, hope you are not afloat!

Tough question, but I'd have to say my mother-in-law's blitz torte, which really is not all that quick to make but well worth it: two layers, each with a cake bottom and a meringue top dusted with cinnamon and almonds, assembled with vanilla custard between the layers. One would think serving it with whipped cream would be gilding the lily, but it's not really :)

When I was small my mom would make me a cake with pink icing in the shape of a heart every year. Nothing could compare with that as a Valentine's Day treat!

Thanks for the chance to participate in the eBook raffle.

My favorite birthday cake is the chocolate button hedgehog. The problem is it never lasts very long :)

Passion cake, as eaten circa 1982 in Brighton with my Dad. It was the cake by which all carrot cakes seem lacking.

I'm boring. I love plain old cake from a box...preferably Funfetti. Mom bought me one a few times by it was not the same!

Yum! Strawberry cheesecake for me!

Heart shaped strawberry decorated of course

Very excited about your ebook, I love your gentle art of knitting.

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