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February 28, 2014


What will you be making with all that beautiful yarn? Did you buy one of every color? It looks so plump and squishy!!

Oh I am there as soon as I can! I love Mrs Moon's. In fact the reason I know about it is through your blog, and your book signing there some time ago. Keeping walking to the end of that road, and you come to a fab bead shop with all manner of beads, findings and accessories, and beautiful handmade jewellery by the owner if you don't make your own. These yarns really do look delicious and live up to their scrummy names!

Fun picture!!
Since my association with haberdashery is entirely that of menswear, I think it would be cool if you did a color exploration with a display of men's silk ties. (The one bit of exuberant color some men allow themselves!)

I recognized your gummies!!
I never like gummies, even as a child I responded to offers with a "no, thank you." Then I moved to Germany and realized that I love gummies (but like chocolate )just not American gummies, lol! Thank goodness I'm not so picky with yarn as I am with sweets!

It's so good to hear that Mrs. Moon's is such a success - I remember when it opened and all the hopes that were there for the project, lovely to hear they are doing so well!

Our wool shops usually arrange their stock by colour, and I feel exactly as I used to in old-fashioned sweet shops when I go in there - and come out feeling a bit lame and disappointed with my meagre choice LOL:

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