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February 17, 2014


I've never seen SO many snowdrops before - what a sight! We have a few in our front garden which greet me on my way in; beautiful up close. Looking forward to similar carpets of bluebells in two or three months, and hopefully to accompanying sun and warmth. Jen

Good grief - I don't think I'd have been able to move. However I think the way that they cut in to the aconites near the house is beautiful - like a soft wave. Those scents of Spring are starting to creep up on us now - and how welcome they are x Jane

Just wonderful! My landscape is all snow, and it's such a treat to realize that somewhere in the northern hemisphere, there are pretty flowers, and greenery. I'm jealous.

What a carpet! Spring is coming to us, too, we have a few snowdrops and crocuses poking their little heads out.

The Tourist Board should sign you up, I am ready to plan a trip there just to see this! It seems amazing.

WOW! Thanks for the photos and narrative, Jane! You helped me come as close to being there as possible, I think. Awesome!

Your landscape is much better than mine. Today we had another 6" of snow on top of what was already there. So all I can see is white in the ground--just like you saw--but yours is much nicer!! Those flowers are exquisite.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Thank you for the flowers. I have lost track of the number of snowstorms we have had this winter and it is snowing again so flowers are most welcome. We'll be lucky if we see a daffodil by Easter.

I took my Mum today to Welford- just superb! Thank you for such an inspiring blog entry and your usual great photos.Lucy

Thank you for introducing me to this lovely place. I took my 6 year old there yesterday and we both loved it. I found lots of beautiful things to photograph (and eat!) as well as the snowdrops and that river looked clean and refreshing enough to drink! I am sure we will visit again.

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