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March 29, 2014


Look at this whilst reading Wilfred Owen and listening to George Butterworth, such a tragic end to wonderful talent.

I do take your point, but it could be argued that it was good for stopping Germany from invading Britain....albeit at terrible cost. Testament of Youth is one of my favourite books.

I'm saying I believe that any war/all war is good for nothing - not just this particular one (the First World War).

War is good for nothing - I totally agree. But I do think also that its human nature to see some positive out of it, otherwise all those deaths are in vain. This might be easy for me to say. If I had a father, husband, son, daughter who had died in battle I might feel it was totally needless.

I read and saw Testament of Youth on BBC. You are so right--they make you see how awful war is and the loss of beautiful young boys and men such a sad, sad thing. My children read also All Quiet on the Western Front which also makes one feel that way. I haven't read Wilfred and Eileen but after you mentioned it--I want to read it.

What a coincidence! I went to that exhibition at the NPG two weeks ago and it was that same striking picture that summed up for me the futility and horror of war. The eyes definitely say it all.

Have recently been having lots of interesting discussions with my teenage children about First World War (school projects and general interest),and was also recommending "Testament of Youth"; it had a huge impact on me when I was around their age, as both book and television series. Am fairly sure that none of them will actually read all 660 pages, but live in hope.

Testament of Youth and the sequel too. Such a great way to absorb history. I work with older people. It opened my eyes to what they, or their parents, had been through.

I remember seeing a TV adaptation of Wilfred and Eileen back in the 1980's (i think). Although it was quite a long time ago I can remember so much of it clearly. I will be looking out for the book.

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