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March 12, 2014


Beautiful maps, things of dreams. Reminds me of the dreaming I did as a pre-teen listening to clear channel radio station broadcast from far-off cities on my tiny transistor radio which was hidden under my pillow late at night. The whole world was out there somewhere.

As a child I was amazed by the possibility in this map. My grandad worked as a signalman in Wigan and as such had free travel on the trains. So , my grand parents inspired no doubt by this map ,explored Europe , sometimes taking me with them on adventures to France and Holland and Belgium! I live in Manchester and when I get the tram to Victoria I always stop to look up at this map and remember the excitement and trepidation of exploring new places and for a moment am transported back to the 1960 s with the steam engines and my best clothes and shiny new shoes and my little suitcase looking up at the very same map!

I absolutely LOVE that map: the destinations, the (lack of) colour, the typography. I first went to that station a year or so ago and spent ages standing looking at the map, imagining the people who saw that as a gateway to new worlds. It's also so close to the war memorial for station staff who died, which I found very poignant, as so many would have discovered 'abroad' for the first time through the two wars.

Love the map, with the promise of what lies beyond.

Jane this is a great piece beautifully covering stuff to do, a city, and the oh so gorgeous Ralph Fiennes..would you like us to post a piece of yours on totally4women.com ? All the best

Love the map - I grew up in Waterfoot.

I love the blogs you post describing visits to different towns and cities; the photos, visits to art galleries and insights into things to do. HOW do you do it though, as day trips or overnight stays?
Maybe you should do another book one day on these wonderful places to visit.

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