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March 17, 2014


Something I would like very much to read about.

One of the things I enjoy most about your writing is that you share your opinions. You bring up questions that challenge me to question. You analyze what interests you and lure me to care for what you care for...or once in awhile exclaim, "Really, Jane :) "

And please keep talking ideas of life and politics here too! Some of the best conversations happen while shopping with one of my friends and we get carried away about a film or about issues of equality, usually with little relevance to the sights around us. Although we have not recently enjoyed such lovely shopping sights as you show here. Look at those radishes! Perfection!

1. Radishes for breakfast ? Well why not - in France we eat them with butter, salt and bread..
2. Never mellow Jane, please.
3.I listened to Tony Benn reading from his diaries on Radio 4 this morning, so moving. A great man.
4. I am fascinated to listen to Tim and Alexia and their friends talk about the rĂ´le of women and feminism today. I suspect that young women are more realistic than we were, encouraged by Cosmo....

Lovely post, I enjoyed reading it.i also love the Reg the Veg photos too! X

Ah Reg the Veg!! I have not found as good a veg shop in Edinburgh. Your post has brought back many memories for me of my life pre-babies and also pottering about Clifton with very little children. I wasn't expecting that this morning! Thank you.

Just to second/third the votes of appreciation - I'd be very interested to hear more of these 'side orders', especially given the arbitrary distinction some people tend to draw between 'politics', etc., and the kinds of things you often post about here. Life is about all these things and more, all jumbled together. I'd love to read your thoughts and stories, either here or indeed on another blog. Keep us posted!

I've never quite understood having multiple blogs on multiple topics. I am always happy to get a sense of the whole person, all in one place. If there's a post on a topic that doesn't grab my interest, I know how to skip it.... I'm certainly not going to stop reading a blog because there're posts on topics that aren't among the things I focus on!

I would be glad to hear what you have to say, right here, along with knitting, quilting, and flowers.

Find that the very best conversations with friends or family range easily from world affairs to new paint colours, or from literary heroines to favourite foods; and that domestic life and great thoughts about the world co-exist very happily. I really enjoy your main dishes but, like the others, would love to try a side order as well!

I enjoy all of your writing, on-topic or not, and often wished you included your musings on wine here instead of in a separate place. Reminds me of Doris Lessing's "The Golden Notebook" and my own desire to live an integrated life rather than one scattered into disparage parts/journals/blogs. As another reader mentioned above, I'm interested in the whole person, and feel your other (political) voices aren't separate from what you create here. I recall you once making a stand for the domestic arts as a kind of political act, and I for one appreciate how blogging gives me a place to experiment!

I would buy THAT book! Your other books are so lovely.

Oddly enough, as I have gotten older, I have lost my interest in politics. Perhaps I am just tired of how it doesn't seem to work very well any more, at least in the United States.

Please, rant away. It is all interesting and stimulating.

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