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March 06, 2014


thank you thank you from Autumnal New Zealand. I love daffodils and I've got 100 bulbs to plant at Easter time at my little house by the sea. Beautiful cheery daffodils to start a boring old work day :-)
(ohhhh and you'd love my daffodil fabric collection!)

One Spring when I lived in upstate NY, our daffodils were nearly all in full bloom when I looked out one morning to find them up to their necks in about six inches of snow! I felt so sorry for them, but respected their stalwart sunny stand. In the midst of Spring's relapse into wintery behavior, they trumpeted their determined proclamation, "Spring is here!"

Beautiful paintings - daffodils are abundant here in The Netherlands too. Your blog and e-book The Gentle Art of Domesticity are a wealth of wonderful discoveries. Liz :)

Thank you for this gorgeous post. I love daffodils for their very cheerful sunny nature, and am so ready to love them. We still have several inches of snow on the ground (but melting in today's sunshine I'm happy to report),so we're still a few weeks away from bulb flowers popping up everywhere.

Such beautiful paintings, from the formal to the rustic! I love daffs too, and can never resist buying a bunch for the windowsill as I don't like to disturb the ones growing outside.

Oh what a welcome sight daffodils would be! All we have here in New England is dirty snow.

Did you plant your tulips this year? I loved looking at your pictures of your tulip patch.

Beautiful paintings. I have got daffs in my vase in my studio which are even cheaper, as I cut them from my own garden! There are so many, they didn't mind!

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