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March 24, 2014


sometimes the first of whatever just doesn't work. the first pair of shoes you try on, jeans, careers. I am so happy she found an environment that not only supports her but allows her to think and grow.

Patty who really wants to be British in her next life.

I'm glad it worked out better the 2nd time for Alice and well done her for giving it that 2nd shot - it must have been a tough decision given that she had a good job already. My daughter had a very similar experience. She hated the Uni she had chosen with such care but stuck it out for her first year. She applied to switch to a different Uni to finish the 2nd and 3rd year and the change was unbelievable. I understand your relief that things worked out better in the end - Good Luck to Alice for her final year. x

more power to her for going back....such life lessons that no amount of book study can give. love the happy colors you've shared with her!!!

I crocheted that afghan three times, years ago. Still have two of 'em.

It's not just society's pressures one has to deal with, but the expectation that one will follow an older sibling. My son went off to a prestigious, eastern university in a large city. He absolutely loves it. My daughter was pressured, by friends and teachers, to do the same, as she is really smart too. But she knew it wasn't for her. She chose a small, local university and absolutely loves it, even though it doesn't have the prestige of the other one.

It takes great strength to realise we have made a wrong decision, especially when it is loaded with so much expectation. I know because I left an M.A. course after eight weeks when I knew it just wasn't for me. Well done Alice for being strong and finding your true path.

I'm so glad to hear the Alice is happy in her new ventures.
The blanket is lovely.

Our children always keep us on our toes one way and another - Alice sounds an absolute delight and now has the added treat of colourful blankets to snuggle in whilst reading...

The courage to stop and start anew. This is an option that schools singularly fail to include when advising young students. Trying, admitting it's not right for you, stopping and starting on another road is very courageous indeed. Well done Alice !

Wonderful blanket, and so right about crochet fitting itself into a space. I love the connection you made in writing about crochet blankets and Alice finding her place. There is no comfort to a parent like knowing her child is safe and warm and happy, and right where he or she should be.

How lucky Alice is to have parents who have faith in her and patience to support her as she finds her way. It's no news that " one size doesn't fit all"!

Lovely blanket Jane. So funny I've been thinking about making a blanket for Julia - she is 15 now and although I can't imagine her leaving I know she will one day. Lucky girl that Alice.

I think uni is sold these days as being just being the best time ever and really just a giant drinking fest.

It does seem to get forgotten that it is the time where you are branching out on your own, having to make friends, having to manage all those things that your parents used to do for you, learning to be on your own and manage loneliness and all that is tough.

Jane, I think you and your husband have done such a great job just to hold steady and give Alice that very un-pressured support to take time, reflect without agonising, and find another path, that happened to be another university. She must have felt your belief in her shine through your actions, which as we all know speak louder than words. ....but nothing speaks louder than a '70's crochet blanket!. Big snuggles all round, as we say in our house.

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