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April 26, 2014


Lovely lime green socks, my favorite color!

Those are very fabulous!

The sort of colours that make your jaw bone tingle.

Jean x

Most edible! Clever you!, My friend Susan is a fab sock-knitter, i have never tried a four needle pair, am inspired........

The socks are luscious alongside the Granny Smiths!!

Love the socks! Glad to see a pair on your blog again.

Also, love Dr. Loosen. My favorite Riesling. :-)

Along with orange and grey, one of my favorite color combinations! Have yet to complete a pair of socks (many singles floating about), but would be a great yarn for a baby cap!

Wine tasting socks sounds like a plan....

Ooh I've had my eye on stray cat sock yarn for a while now - I like the Chewy Apple and Bonnie's Choice colour schemes, but having seen these I think I'll have to add silver star to the list. Might just be tempted...

Gorgeous! And what a lucky girl Phoebe is to have a "good supply of hand knitted socks!" Must figure out how to get my own Mum to take up knitting!

I don't think anyone could have styled and photographed those socks any better! I love them and would love to make a pair. (It won't happen, but it's fun to dream...)

You always make me smile - thank you!

YAY! I've missed your sock shoots! Your zany ideas are what attracted me to your site to begin with. And inspired me to look at the world in a different way ;)

That would be a fabulous themed tasting in the cellar !!! A sock and Pinot Noir pairing !!

Good to see socks again! You were the one who started me off knitting socks, and it's all I ever knit now!

Pomona x

Can't believe how I incredibly neat the toes on these socks are. I think I need to take my self taught sock knitting up a notch.
Love seeing socks here again. Your colorful socks are one of the first things I remember seeing here when I found your blog many moons ago. I too, fade in and out of enthusiasm with various crafts. I tend to overdose on one thing until I am sick of it, then move on to something else. I always circle back round again eventually, though.

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