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April 17, 2014


Oh, how I am with you on the barefoot thing! I wore flip-flops twice this week! So exciting, but today it's much too cold. However, the grass is emerald green, so it's coming. I also can't abide heels. Can't walk in them, anyway!

Can't wait to get my Birkenstocks out. It's almost warm enough here, but not quite. And I'm forever amazed at fashion writers exclaiming over things that normal, sensible people do as a matter of course.

Wow! You are having a spring! Here, we are having a second winter in western Canada...

At 5' 8" I can't really wear heels or I feel positively Amazonian, but don't like them anyway- too restrictive! Still too chilly in Scotland to expose anything above the wrists but looking forward to barefoot weather soon!

I read Phoebe's post... wonder how many others her age could be so articulate, or brave enough to put their fears out there, especially where Mum can see?

Glad to hear that flat shoes are on the up (if you'll forgive the pun)- can't really manage anything past a small wedge. In fact I tried some kitten heels for a wedding recently and all that happened was I kept sinking in the grass - all the photos show me looking slightly lopsided. It's such a great time of year, forget me nots and all! Jane x

Lovely! I see masses of forgetmenots on my daily wallk to the station, live them! And those Birkies are brilliant! But it takes me a while to wear in the toe post thing, even if they aren't new.

Forget-me-nots, yes! Heels, don't even go there. (And I'm 5 foot nothing.)

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