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April 09, 2014


Oooooooooooh.......... Those tulips................

Just what I needed. Thank you. :-)

(Eager to see the socks! :-) )

Eeek! Just lovely...tulips and the color!!! :)

Beautiful photos. Would you mind sharing the yarn name/colourway, it is just gorgeous? Thanks.

Yay, it is tulip season again! Not here in Toronto yet, but I have seen a snowdrop and my chives are putting up little green bits. I always enjoy your tulips!

Tulip time - how exciting! I can't grow them b/c the sheep and deer feast on them and I gave up. Daffodils I can do but they aren't the same. I will live vicariously through your tulips Jane. Bring them on!

For those who are happy to waste a little time online (!) it is amazing to browse the Ravelry projects for Zauberball in all its glorious colourways… people are so inventive and creative, it's mind-boggling. Herr Schoppel had a brainwave there!
Nothing like the bright colours to zip some spring into things; yesterday I appreciated the brightly coloured beds in a lakeside park and on a daily basis, admire the town gardeners' compilations on the roundabouts in our small town!! Quite the distraction while driving...

I agree about Rev - what was all that about?
Brilliant series, terrible episode…
Thought I was the only one. Hoping the next is better...

The tulips are a treat! And I see you have my favorite sock yarn there. Have a good knit!

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