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April 18, 2014


As a Catholic, the icing on the buns has always seemed out of place for Good Friday's fast. But I suppose things were different in the Middle Ages and a bit of sugar was a big help to get them through the day!

Yours look delish!

I had to laugh at your description of your recipe modifications -my Mother has always used the same magazine recipe throughout my childhood but with so many modifications one would imagine they were looking at a different one.
It's not the recipe but the act of using it that seems to trigger the memories of her own version of what to do instead. I'll tell her she's not the only one that does it!

Oh yum! Haven't made these for ages! The stickier the better, really!

Looks delicious! You have inspired me to bake these again--after at least 15 years! Happy Easter.

Don't know if you are aware but I have received ( and so did many others in the address bar) an email from your email address. I didn't open it as it seemed to indicate it was about solar heating?!!!

They look yummy. I made your rock buns for Good Friday and they may become my yearly treat: dried fruit √ nutmeg √ flour and eggs and sugar √ And I didn't have to wait for the yeast to rise, which is not always a bad thing, but I didn't want to wait this year. I gave up wheat for Lent and made them the day after Easter. Thankfully, I discovered I have no gluten issues, and I love those rock buns. I won't just have them in spring. They are great in the fall when I dry lots of my own fruit - plums, apples, blueberries, pears - I chop it up and substitute. The rest of it is your recipe.☺

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