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April 15, 2014


I look forward to seeing that book. I rather like doubles, but mostly I like glorious mixtures best, so I could never grow just 1 or 2 varieties. The rich dark one in the centre here really draws my eye.

I would want that book too. My husband has always been strangely prejudiced against tulips (probably too much red and yellow in his past) but I decided to go ahead and plant some anyway a couple of years ago, and already can't imagine being without them - such a wonderful range of colours and styles, and at a time of year when there isn't much else to get excited about (in my garden anyway). And I've loved all your recent tulip pictures!

please include top tips for dealing with persistent Scottish squirrels!

Well as a fellow lover and grower of tulips (on a small scale I hasten to add), I shall look forward to the book, lots of lovely photos as we've come to expect from your books.

I've been following your blog for years now after I purchased The Gentle Art of Domesticity. I eagerly await your tulip posts each year, and I would definitely buy a tulip book!

A tulip book full of advice, tips, and your amazing bouquets would be most welcome. So, yes, please create one!

Yes, please!

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