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May 01, 2014


I went to the Hockney today. It was blissfully empty so I can recommend late Thursday afternoon.

I adore this image. great colours! (even though I'm not really a chocolate fan)

The urge here is to sing "Roses grow on you ... Ting", but I think you have to be of a certain vintage to appreciate it!

I'd like to say thank you for your tip when visiting Persephone Books. My daughter and I ate in Sid's Cafe next door today and we had lovely tuna rolls and good coffee.
The best part of course was looking at the books, even if I only read library copies rather than buying them. No matter, I still get to read these absolutely wonderful authors.

Great photo! Will you follow up with all the other roses?!

all round yummy pic !

Ha, Liz, I thought exactly the same! We are vintage women together !

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