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May 08, 2014


When you mix fabrics like that, how do you clean it? A friend just gave me a bag of scraps, all sorts, and I am floundering around! Can I mix silk and cotton and synthetics in a quilt I'll eventually have to wash?!

Now, that's a great idea!

Love the rich colours.

Simply lovely. Did you attach a backing as you went along? Your stiches are so neat and regular!!

Have you seen this quilt exhibition? http://artefactsobjects.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/things-we-do-in-bed.html

In previous comment, forgot to thank you for writing such a great blog. Love the way you combine family life, heritage, museums, art, craft & your work. It's a pleasure to read & been an inspiration for starting my own blog. Thankyou.

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