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May 12, 2014


Hurrah! I watched the taster video yesterday and felt completely thrilled, can't wait to see it in the flesh.

It's lovely to read about the reaction this exhibit had on you. These are beautiful pieces, how interesting!

has it made you want to have a go yourself ? it does me .
or maybe here is a quilt in there...

Have my ticket for first thing on a Sunday in June and am so looking forward to going. Heard the curator talk on how the cut outs were made - how exacting Matisse was with his assistants. They painted on the colour and it had to be just so, he cut out and then under his instruction they pinned to the wall- and kept pinning and repinning till it was right. All very rigourous and thorough!

Would love to see these. Lucky you are!

I love these, ans having seen Snail at Tate Modern for real, agree about needing to see them in the flesh, but your photos are great!

Oh, these look like joyous seaweed. To my slight shame I didn't know that Matisse had used such a humble medium. I'm off to see these.

There is a lovely documentary on Matisse and his design of a chapel. His inspiration was a nun who had previously been his nurse, apparently, they had a great fondness for each other. In the documentary, she discusses how she helped him paint the giant sheets of paper for him to cut out. I watched it on Netflix.

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