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May 20, 2014


thank you for preparing me for what may lie ahead with my own offspring. somehow i feel proud by proxy for your kids - such milestones and achievements

I am in total sympathy with all of you. My kids are in university as well. Fortunately, both are finished for the year and both did well. But they make me feel incredibly stupid when they talk about their areas of study, since they're taking things I didn't take at university. So, support, listening, and useless advice it is.

best wishes for all of you and congrats to Tom. I am currently preparing my first year students for their long essay and first exams. I am glad I remember how scary this was for me so I understand their stress. As a 'mature' student in the 1990s, I leaned too much for my first exams as I didn't know quite what to expect, and I was sitting exams at the end of almost a year of learning with time to absorb ideas and systems. Now of course everything is semesterised, But to offset the speed of the semester, my students are much more adept at sending me lots of emails with specific questions. University learning has changed in so many ways.

Couldn't agree more about the financial side of it all ... particularly paying for a term's accommodation that they don't use. My oldest is hoping to study for a Masters, alas unfunded ... when did education become a business?

Congratulations and good luck all round! (That includes you parents!). We are 'on the other side' - our offspring are now post full-time education and I cannot tell you what a relief it is. The system - especially, in our experience, any pastoral support - is not what it used to be or should be. Our youngsters are now both in work which is productive and enjoyable for them pursuing their chosen careers. I hope that in time yours will be too. Then you have to start thinking about house deposits........

Fab news aboutTom"s continuing studies! And good luck to Alice and Phoebe.

Congratulations to Tom! The degree and offer of continued education are both great achievements.

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