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June 19, 2014


I'm with you all the way on the value of lots of green in our lives. My favourite - all of them. And come May every year, I have a yearning for the deep verdant, lush greens of southern England.

just to say thank you for such gorgeous (in every sense) set of posts, life enhancing and heart lifting

Your last two posts about colour have been more welcome than usual here in my corner of Norfolk where we have had grey skies for several days. The sun is up there, somewhere... so how about yellow for your next injection of colour?

yes, LOVE green!!!!! Just LOVe LoVe LOVE it!!!

Ditto about the green - so cool, so soothing, not cold. Love the Manchester pub photo, especially.

Green rules! Thanks for such lush photos...

That mint is zinging. I can see it cut and steeping in a glass cafetiere to make delicious mint tea. This colour series of photos is inspiring. It's made me think of my favourite combination - which might just be pink, yellow and grey.

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful colors. I've enjoyed them all. Your photography is amazing, too!!

I love green too - looking out of my window here I can see a myriad of greens through the forest - smoky grey greens of the eucalypts - I love to wear green too. I am enjoying your rainbow series and wonderful photos.

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