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June 20, 2014


Thanks for the lovely colour pictures this week, your love of colour is so cheering. In my last flat (mid-century built) as have deep violet coloured walls, and I miss it ever so. Thank you!

You may already have read it (and I'm always recommending it) but I really rate Simon Garfield's book 'Mauve: How One Man Invented a Colour that Changed the World'. I'm guessing that you're going to be making a beeline for the National Gallery 'Making Colour' Exhibition. Did occasionally wear purple until my daughter joined a secondary school which has a uniform which is purple and teal. My guess is that as an adult she'll refuse to wear either colour for some years!

I have enjoyed 'a week of living colourfully'. Thanks

I should love to see more photos of your violet room to really see how that works....intriguing. I have a listed building and always thought violet or lilac too modern for it but I was heartened to see a paler version working really well at Bleinham palace in the halls hung with gilt framed paintings.

I'm thrilled to say that violets self seed in my patio. They're so very tiny, possibly because it's a little dry, but we're privileged to have a fairly healthy population here on the edge of the Fens. I think they may like chalky soils.


Violet - a tricky colour I always find but a wonderful for other colours as it highlights their brilliance. Your yellow blind in the violet room is an example. Western Australia has some fabulous violet flowers - they seem to have a purity of brilliance in the intense sunlight over here.

My Gran's sister Violet was the black sheep of the family - she ran away to Australia with another man leaving her husband and child behind in England. We found out that she did the same thing again in Australia.

I had a boss called Violet. My relationship with her was problematic, so I discussed her with my psychotherapist, and he, quite unusually, could never remember her name; he called her Olive instead, which is both another color word and a near anagram.

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