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June 17, 2014


Looking for a massive blast of color check out this exhibit Quilts and Color at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. http://www.mfa.org/exhibitions/quilts-and-color

Orange was a particular favorite of the collectors and fairly leaps off the walls. The slides hardly do them justice.

Everyone loves orange Smarties don't they?

Jean x

On my way to Denman College for a few days of talking and walking "Miss Read" - so if that wasn't enough of a treat - also picked up Psychologies - great article and really good photos. Enjoyed reading the article.

I love the England Preserves labels especially the one on the marmalade jars as it reminds me of bottle kilns for which The Potteries were once renowned. I live in the Staffordshire Moorlands so no retail outlets near me, sadly.

Now orange - thats more like it - orange is such a happy colour - orange sunsets are gorgeous over here as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean. Orange, grey, purple, pink skies. Who could resist buying a bag of oranges from the fruit stall in your photo?

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