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June 11, 2014


this window is beautiful and probably gets more reflective attention than a full coherent panel. I agree, what a great commission for the glass artists in so many ways.

I think it's sometimes even more beautiful and poignant to have something which has been broken and remade into something wonderful, than something perfect and untouched. The windows are a perfect example of that.

Beautiful windows... thanks for sharing
the results are much like a patchwork quilt made from favourite garments

A poignant solution to devastating destruction.

What a great way to pull multiple layers of memory, experience and emotion from the past into the present and the future. I give great credit to the people who thought of and executed these windows.

That is such an interesting story about the stained glass pieces. I'm glad they were not thrown away. I remember a church I went to as a child that had huge stained glass windows and I would sit and look at them all during service. I never saw another church anywhere with such beautiful windows.

A church near my home was taken down and replaced with a (very ugly) school. But they kept two details from the church--the clock face and the entire main stained-glass window that faced the street. It looks as though students inside get a glorious view.

I very much like what you saw. From chaos, beauty and calm.

What a cool way to remember and honor the work of the past! I'm so glad someone thought of it, I'm so glad someone agreed to pay for it, I'm so glad someone did the work, and I'm so glad you shared it with us. Thank you.

Jane, how beautiful. You have found yet another treasure - I love the way the glass has been collected and refitted - somehow it looks even more exquisite as it tells yet another story. I will definitely be adding this Church to our list on our next visit…

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