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June 04, 2014


Perhaps I have been following your blog for even longer than I thought Jane, as I well remember you describing some of the courses you did at West Dean!

Thank you kindly for the mention Jane. Good luck with your quilting workshops.

Jean x

I so agree. Some of the best of all that I have learned has been post-Formal education. I would love to go back to university now that I have learned enough about life to truly be interested in more that a successful exam score.

Amused when my eldest came back from GCSE R.E. exam today delighted to report that he 'would never have to think about the sanctity of life again'. I did point out that unlike, say, simultaneous equations, issues around the sanctity of life would be with him for - well - life! 2 more GCSE exams to go and then he is off (south of the river!) to sixth form college.

Yes, there is a GREAT deal to be said for that. :) (learning for pleasure of it)


I am taking college classes through Coursera (online), and am loving the freedom to take whatever I want, without reference to anyone else's list of requirements. Archaeology, cartography, history of rock & roll, Roman architecture, genetics, What a Plant Knows, epigentics, paleontology, neurobiology....

Hello, have you looked at the courses run at Denman College in Marcham, Oxfordshire? It is the Womens Institute Residential College and anyone can go - members and non members, men and women. I work in the cookery school - my dream job - and the cookery courses and sewing and other craft courses are fabulous. You might find something that appeals, and you will enjoy the beautiful calm atmosphere of the house and grounds. Look us up! Hope to see you sometime.

I shall be one of your pupils on 22nd. My starting point shall be some much-loved pyjama bottoms.

I was so glad to have "subject" exams over at 18 and had no clue what I wanted to study or if I even wanted to go into further education - the university courses all seemed so limited and I would have to CHOOSE from among so many fascinating things (A'levels were bad enough and I sorely regret my choices now!)…
As it happened, life took another course and so aged 38 the time came when I could put my own odd courses together that interested me and at 43 I took an open BA from the OU - it was so much more pleasurable to do exams in things that really interested me! Language exams have also never been much of a worry for me, fortunately. However, now I just enjoy learning for the sake of it on my own through my reading and viewing and not having to prepare for any fixed tests - I don't think my nearly-50 memory could cope any more LOL.

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