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July 14, 2014


Can't wait to have a Brocket in my pocket.

Jean x

This is an impressive step and I look forward to the series. I will also be interested in hearing more as you go. I'm involved with publishing in terms of copyediting but it is so easy to let someone else (or several someones) oversee and produce the process. The first book will surely have the steepest learning curve. I'm full of admiration.

Fantastic Jane, can't wait for travel guides from your unique point of view X


So exciting. Brilliant slogan. Good luck!

Wow! I'm impressed! Looking forward to seeing and owning the finished product. Good luck!

That is such good and exciting news. I can't wait to get hold of my copy and start reading and planning! I am looking forward to the armchair part, followed by some good days out! Congratulations.

So exciting Jane, a Pocket Brocket, never leave home without one, or leave home without leaving home. Can't wait.

Yippee! Very very exciting news. I can't wait to start The Grand Tour with you. Sending lots of happy thoughts….. I am now going to make a Pocket for my Brocket!!!

I am so impressed! Good luck with the project. It is always inspiring hearing about someone going in a new direction.
If you want to make the book available via an online bookshop you could use hive.co.uk rather than Amazon. Hive give a % of the cost to independent bookshops (either the nearest one to where the purchaser lives or one selected by the purchaser).
I've bought a couple of things from there that I couldn't get locally.

Looking forward to it!

Great news Jane. There really is so much to putting a book out in the world. Just think of all you are learning! Best of luck with it all.

A**z*n - NO! NO! NO! That place aims to be a monopoly and is a bully. Support the traditional publishers and independent bookstores, or they will be gone!

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