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July 29, 2014


Neat pictures!! I've noticed a lot of "wiggly tin" being used here in Portland Oregon as siding on buildings… It's got lots of personality!

There's nothing like the sound of rain on a tin roof to lull you to sleep!! Great pictures.

Next time you're travelling North - or back down South - call in at the Wriggly Tin Cafe at Millers Dale near Tideswell in the Peak District

Most interesting post as we live in one! (Roof well insulated so we don't hear the rain..) Ours is one of the many wooden Swedish houses donated, and bought, from Sweden to house rural workers - forestry in our case - just after the second world war. Thanks for the links.

You would love Iceland then. A lot of the houses there and even some along Reykjavik's main shopping street Laugavegur are lined with "wiggly tin".

Still sitting under a tin roof as I write…. Organising a new roof out here in the bush required a whole team of roofers for five days - they repaired the roof joists took away the old insulation and asbestos wearing astronaut suits and installed the new tin. Job done and my pockets were a lot lighter! Tin roofs are bent and shaped in all sorts of ways, the old bullnose verandah being just one - there are many of those in Fremantle. Some people paint their roofs, most leave them as they are. Many Italians arriving post WWII removed the tin replacing it with terracotta tiles and now people take the tiles off and put the tin back… and so it goes round.

I also like the dyed wool in the top pic. Captured a similar hue with tumeric dyeing dishcloth cotton,

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