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August 03, 2014



I've got a ball of this, might knit it up to see how it works out. I got mine from PurpleLinda. I only have the one ball, and I'll be annoyed if I need a second one.

Circa 1970 when 'fluro' was in for the first time, it was instantly appealing in fabrics, especially paisleys with a splash of one of these juicy colours. Fluro was the epitome of 'mod'! I remember underwear packaged in fuoro packs, each pair of knickers was one of the colours of your stripes. But if I had owned something so wondrous as a pack of neon hi lighters, I would have been the coolest girl at school. It's hard to imagine now that there was a pre-hilighter time :) Love the sox!!

Love them!

Love them! A close second to the beautiful apple green and grey. You've inspired me to try my hand. I recently found a Pinterest pin with instructions for knitting two socks at once, looking forward to trying it!


Totally with you on dye lot variations. Had some black/grey sock yarn for my husband. Another dye lot, of ostensibly the same stuff, turned out beige and very dark blue/grey!

Forgot, but remembered.

Why not knit your ends in as you go? It makes the making up process a whole lot easier and more pleasurable. The knitted-in ends hardly notice, promise.

Lay the new yarn alongside the old yarn. Knit/pattern three or four stitches with the doubled yarn, continue knitting with the new yarn, weaving the end of the old yarn up and down on the reverse of the fabric. There you are, done.

If you are joining in another colour you can tweak the knitted loops on the double knitted stitches so that they are smaller, once they are knitted in the next row.

As the Meerkat says, simples - and a lot more simples to do than to describe I reckon!

Then there are the good ol' techniques like spit splicing (whatever that is) and various other methods illustrated beautifully on YouTube. Seriously, you need never sew in ends again.


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