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August 07, 2014


Thank you so much for these pictures. I wish we had these huts in the states - they are such a sight. I have plans for a summer quilt based on their shape. Too late for this year - maybe next! Take care, Pam

It's so funny to see these structures, which are so familiar in your country, but unknown in mine.

Your posts this summer have been so much fun!!

Despite living in a lovely, large house, there's something so appealing about a beach hut - cosy cups of tea when it's windy outside. Saw some fabulous ones in Sweden.

Hi Jane, beautiful pictures as always, really appreciate yor work. Is there an equivalent of 'Best of Suffolk' for lovely self catering properties in the Littlehamption area? I've wanted to visit that beach cafe for ages, but it's not a part of the country I know, so I'm not sure where to start!

Love these colors. Hope your summer is going swimmingly. So fast - isn't it?

Lovely! Ukrainian and Swedish hints too. Have you been to Wells-next-the -Sea for beach huts to admire and covet?

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